Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mother: A Review

Before I venture into writing a review on this book I would like to say that I am not a writer. I don't really like to write, especially not review. I lack a large vocabulary, I believe it's because I am surrounded by kids all day. So with that said here it goes.
Some time back I read a short bio on Jennie and in it she mentioned how the book Mother had changed her life so I got my hands on it. At the beginning this book seemed to have a slow start. Instead of making me want to stay home it showed the greatness of being an independent woman. These women had it all great homes, money, parties, beautiful clothes, excitement. But did they really have it all? The more I read I came to the realization that they didn't have it all; they were not happy, not truly anyways. Sure they seemed to be happy. But in reality they were overwhelmed with everything they "had" to do. They were mothers, wives, business women, socialites, etc. Can one be truly happy trying to do it all? That is what society would have us believe. We see all these career women on t.v or in magazines beaming, but we all know that isn't reality.
At the end of the story Mark realizes that being a mother and a wife is the most important and exciting 'career' she could ever have. Raising children for the glory of God is the most important responsibility we have. Let us (and our daughters) learn from her choices. And don't forget not everything that shines is gold(my mom always said that) :P

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Amity said...

I just read this book too!!! YOu are right about the slow start..I was sorta confused at the beginning,hehe, it was almost making the independent women seem better off. But once you read the whole thing it all came together and it was a very good book!!!