Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas and Barbie Dolls

Well Christmas has come and gone. It was a great one. On Saturday I went over my mom's to make the tamales we made close to 200 (some were for my brother, who was spending Christmas with his girlfriend's family). Being from a Mexican background our tradition is to have a Christmas Eve dinner of tamales (my brother says that we have tamales so we can open something, since we don't have many gifts)and pozole. Traditionally we stay until 12 midnight and put Baby Jesus in the manger and then open presents. This year we didn't stay that late my little one would not go down for a nap and was super grouchy. We open gifts a little early and went home.

On another note, we had gone to get my husband's niece a doll for Christmas. We usually give clothes or books, but my husband wanted to give her a doll. So we called my MIL to find out what she liked. She mentioned the Bratz doll. I must admit I had not really seen them (I have two boys, so we don't stroll down the girl aisle at stores). I was shocked to see what kind of dolls young girls have nowdays to play with. Most dolls had hardly any clothes on. My husband and I looked at each other and decided that we would not give her that doll or any Barbie for that matter. We opted for a Hannah Montana doll that was fully clothed, no stomach, boobs, or but showing. Then we wonder why young girls have low self-esteem, when they have such high standards placed on them. Other than that little eye opener we had fun shopping and celebrating Christmas with loved ones.

We hope everyone had a joyous Holiday.
The Perez Family

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Super Saturday Savings

After cleaning my kitchen cupboards, freezer, and refrigerator I realized that we have a lot of food. So I've decided to forgo shopping this week and just get fruit and veggies. This week Ralph's was having a sale on Cuties clementines and I had a couple of other coupons so this is what I got.

Sara Lee Apple Pie on sale for $1.99
Sargento cheese on sale 2/$5
Activia cheese $4.29
Nature Sweet tomatoes B1G1 $3.99
Cuties clementines $3.97/5lb box

Before coupons $20.90
I had a coupon for the pie $1.00
Coupon for the sargento cheese $1/2 doubled, $2 so the cheese was $1.50 each
Coupon for the Activia $4.50 doubles up to $1, $5.50 so the cheese was free plus overage!
I had $1 coupon for the tomatoes, since they double I got to small boxes for $2 (I knew waiting would pay off)
I also had a $1 coupon for the cuties doubled makes $2, so I only paid $1.97 for 5lbs. of clementines!
After all the sales, Ralph's club, and coupons I only paid $8.05.
Other than maybe $10 for some meat, vegetables, and laundry softner we are set for another week :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Desperate for Home

Like mentioned previously I have been cleaning and organizing my home. I must admit I am enjoying it very much. Many find it a tiring boring task but I am actually enjoying it. One may say "is she crazy". I must explaining why I am so happy to be doing this. You see I am a work outside the home mom who desperately wants to be a stay at home mom. Since I am a school teacher I am on vacation right now. This time has made me want to stay home even more.
Many people who knew me a couple of years ago might not believe what I am saying. Not long ago I was a college graduate who wanted to be a career woman. I graduated from one of the top universities in the country and believed my education would go to waste if I didn't do something with my career. I love to learn, teach, and children so a career in education was just the thing.
The Lord began to tug at my heart 4 years after begining my career and 10 months after my marriage. What made me start doubting my choices. I will give you a couple of clues. Duggars, Vision Forum, Joseph, and most importantly The Bible. You will have to come back for the second installment, because I am off to make some lunch before the little one wakes up from his nap. For those that are home and even those that are in the same situation as me please pray with me that one day (soon) I will be able to stay home.

Weigh In Wednsday

I know this is a bit late but I have been a bit busy with cleaning my home inside and out. Also with finishing my shopping and baking and cooking, oh glorious food. Could that be my problem and why I don't seem to lose any weight? Or could it be that I lack the energy to exercise, which is a catch-22 since exercise gives energy. Anyways, this week was tough since we had a Christmas party at work and the kids brought treats to share with the class. I have yet to exercise, I have not found the time to exercise, yes I know I am making excuses. But I am happy to say that I am eating more healthfully. I have lost one pound but since I gained one pound last week I am back to where I started. I shall not give up. Blessing to everyone who is struggling just like me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Childhood Memories

As a child I remember spending my Christmas break helping my mom give our home a thorough cleaning. We did this twice a year for the birth of Jesus and His resurrection. This year I decided to do the same.

On Saturday I went to a conference for Gifted and Talented Education. One of the seminars was a bit boring so I spent that hour planning my cleaning schedule. Yesterday was my kitchen day. I took everything out of the cupboards and refrigerator and wiped them down. I then organized all the shelves. So here are a few pics to show you how desperate my kitchen was.

I know it's a bit embarassing but that is how my kitchen looked. You can just imagine how the rest looked. I am having a bit of trouble with the other pictures. I can't seem to turn them and I am not computer savy, so this will do. Here is the after picture.

Not as great as I would want but it will have to do and it is better than the first. Well it is off to clean the bathroom.

Menu Monday

I decided to join many of you out there and post my menu. Unfortunately, yesterday was a busy one and didn't have a chance to post it. A little late but here it is.

Baked oatmeal
Cereal or

Mon.-Rolled Hot Dog and veggies
Tues.- Leftovers
Wed. Soup w/ veggies or 1/2 sandwich
Thur.- Tuna on homemade bread
Sat.-egg sandwich on homemade bread

Mon.-Spinach stuffed chicken, mint glazed carrots, buttered egg noodles, biscuits

Tues.-Ribs w/chile, Spanish rice, beans, salad
Wed.-Quesadillas on spinach tortillas, carrots
Thurs.-3 cheese lasagna, salad
Fri.-Almond chicken over white rice
Sat.-Homemade chicken soup and veggies
Sun.-Chicken enchiladas, rice, salad

apple slices w/PB
orange wedges
crackers with cream cheese

So there you have it, an idea of what our family will have this week.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Super Saturday Savings

I didn't do much this week it has been a bit overwhelming. It was the last day of school, so with rehersals and paper work I was pretty busy. At the homefront my 1yr old is getting his molars and has been very fussy.

My best deal was at Ralphs I got 4 boxes of cereal (Cheerios and Lucky Charms),
2 jars of PB,loaf of bread, 2 toothbrushes, and Philly cream cheese. I got $33.40 worth of stuff for only $4.59 after sales and coupons. The cereal was on sale 4/$10 but if you bought all 4 they deducted $6 at the register with double coupons I got them for .50 each. PB and toothbrushes were free after coupons, the bread .99 and cream cheese was $1.

I also ran into Food 4 Less and got 2dz eggs, Jennie-O gr. turkey, flour, and spinach. All for a little over $7. (I can't seem for find my receipt)

At Vons I got 2 gallons of milk and some butter (for christmas baking) for almost $10. The milk alone was $6.30 and that is the least expensive I can find.

I did not go to walgreens or CVS, I just couldn't find any deals that would benefit my family right now. Maybe next week. If you're wondering where are my fruits and veggies, that will come a little later. I found deals at another store.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weigh-in Wednesday

Well once again I must weigh myslef *grunts*. Can you sense my excitement? Ugh, I have actually gained one pound! I can find excuses for the lack of weight loss, it's that time so I am bloated, it was parent conference week so I stayed late and didn't follow my menu plan, the list could go on and on. Or I could just accept that I am weak and I cannot do this on my own. I must confess that I am a glutton. I love food and on more than one ocassion I eat more than what i really need. Sometimes I will even get sick from all the food.

So I am calling on our Lord for contentment for what I have and strenght to refuse mor. I found a great prayer in a wonderful book called Saintly Solutions to Lives Common Problems.
Lord and Giver of every good gift,
help me truly appreciate all that You have
granted me, including the food I eat each day.
Letme not become greedy or gluttonous,
nor displease You by overindulging myself.
May the daily bread You give me be a source of energy,
health, and strength, so that I may fulfill my duties and do
my part in working for the coming of Your Kingdom.
Give me a generous spirit in responding to the needs
of the poor, and fulfill the hopes of all who trust in You.
Father, You give us the bread we need each day;
may we render unto You the glory and promise
that are Yours for all eternity. Amen.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Money Making Monday

After reading Crystal's post a while back on CashCrate, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, I haven't had the same luck she did. I have spent a couple of minutes each day doing long surveys and only $9.95 have cleared. I have almost $16 that are pending. I only want to get .05 cents to get my $10 dollars and I will cancel my account.
But on a happier note, out of CashCrate I signed up for InboxDollars and that has been great. All I do is read their e-mails and answer short surveys and I already have a little over $8. This is alot easier for me since I have two little ones and I work outside the home(hopefully not for long, please pray with me :).

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Super Saturday Savings

Well this week I got a couple of deals. I went to CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, and Ralphs.
At CVS I only got two things. My husband needed deodarant and razors. Luckily the Fusion Razor was on sale and I had a coupon. So here are the details.
Fusion Razor on sale $9.99-$4.00 coupon (+6ECB)
Blade Deodarant $3.34 ( I didn't have a coupon but hubby wanted to try it anything to please him :)
Total b/f coupons $13.33
minus $2/$10 CVS coupon
minus $4.00 razor coupon
minus 5.98ECB

OOP $1.79 (I was going to use a 2ECB, but they said that I couldn't, so I just paid)
The receipt said I saved $12.63.

3 cans of Mandarin Oranges $4.17
3 cans of Geisha pineapple $2.37
2 Glade candles $5.00

Total b/f coupons $11.54
minus Walgreens coupons for mandarin oranges $3
minus Walgreens coupon for pineapple $1.20
minus Glade coupons $2.00

OOP $7.38
MIR (mail in rebate) $2.00

2 gallons of milk $6.29
Yeast $2.79
Tyson Cornish Hens $9.61

Total b/f sales and coupons $18.69
Minus Ralph's Club $7
Minus Tyson Mfg. Coupon $2, Ralph's doubles up to $1, so I got and additonal $1 off.
Minus yeast Mfg. coupon .70 (.35 doubled)
OOP $7.99

Arrohead Water $2.99+CRV .10
Essencia Chocolate Chips on sale for $2
2 Albertson's Cookie Dough on sale for $4
Dried Cherries $3.50
Sunkist Pistachios $2.99 ( I had a coupon but in my rush I forgot it :(
Albertson's String Cheese $1.99
Spinach $1.69
Angus Beef Rib Eye $8.36
3 packets of French's Taco Seasoning
Tapatio Hot Sauce $2.89
2 boxes of Totinos Pizza Rolls on sale for $2.00
Foster Farms Whole Chicken on sale for .69/lb-$4.00

Total before coupons $37.51
Minus Totionos Pizza Mfg. coupons .80
Minus $6 catalina from previous purchase on the steak (that's the only reason why I got it )
OOP 30.71 (13.48 is to bake cookies that we will give as Christmas gifts to co-workers)

So my total this week was $47.87 our goal for now is $50 so we did very well.

According to my receipts I saved a total of $59.42

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Weigh-in Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday and I must do the inevitable-weigh myself. This week has not been one of the best. Both my boys have a terrible cough, the older one has actually vomited, he coughs so much. I have procrastinated and have not made my menus so we are just eating anything. My husband's cousin is going through some problems and so we are stressed as well. Well I digress on to the scale I go. 177lbs. well I did not lose any weight. I am not surprised since I did nothing to lose. This week I hope to begin excercise. I work outside the home (I am a elementary school teacher) so I think I will walk for 20 mins. during my 40 min. lunch time. Maybe after the boys go to bed I can do my pilates video (when single this video helped keep me toned). I hope to do better next week. Please pray for me and my weaknesses.