Saturday, December 8, 2007

Super Saturday Savings

Well this week I got a couple of deals. I went to CVS, Walgreens, Albertsons, and Ralphs.
At CVS I only got two things. My husband needed deodarant and razors. Luckily the Fusion Razor was on sale and I had a coupon. So here are the details.
Fusion Razor on sale $9.99-$4.00 coupon (+6ECB)
Blade Deodarant $3.34 ( I didn't have a coupon but hubby wanted to try it anything to please him :)
Total b/f coupons $13.33
minus $2/$10 CVS coupon
minus $4.00 razor coupon
minus 5.98ECB

OOP $1.79 (I was going to use a 2ECB, but they said that I couldn't, so I just paid)
The receipt said I saved $12.63.

3 cans of Mandarin Oranges $4.17
3 cans of Geisha pineapple $2.37
2 Glade candles $5.00

Total b/f coupons $11.54
minus Walgreens coupons for mandarin oranges $3
minus Walgreens coupon for pineapple $1.20
minus Glade coupons $2.00

OOP $7.38
MIR (mail in rebate) $2.00

2 gallons of milk $6.29
Yeast $2.79
Tyson Cornish Hens $9.61

Total b/f sales and coupons $18.69
Minus Ralph's Club $7
Minus Tyson Mfg. Coupon $2, Ralph's doubles up to $1, so I got and additonal $1 off.
Minus yeast Mfg. coupon .70 (.35 doubled)
OOP $7.99

Arrohead Water $2.99+CRV .10
Essencia Chocolate Chips on sale for $2
2 Albertson's Cookie Dough on sale for $4
Dried Cherries $3.50
Sunkist Pistachios $2.99 ( I had a coupon but in my rush I forgot it :(
Albertson's String Cheese $1.99
Spinach $1.69
Angus Beef Rib Eye $8.36
3 packets of French's Taco Seasoning
Tapatio Hot Sauce $2.89
2 boxes of Totinos Pizza Rolls on sale for $2.00
Foster Farms Whole Chicken on sale for .69/lb-$4.00

Total before coupons $37.51
Minus Totionos Pizza Mfg. coupons .80
Minus $6 catalina from previous purchase on the steak (that's the only reason why I got it )
OOP 30.71 (13.48 is to bake cookies that we will give as Christmas gifts to co-workers)

So my total this week was $47.87 our goal for now is $50 so we did very well.

According to my receipts I saved a total of $59.42

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