Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Weigh-in Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday and I must do the inevitable-weigh myself. This week has not been one of the best. Both my boys have a terrible cough, the older one has actually vomited, he coughs so much. I have procrastinated and have not made my menus so we are just eating anything. My husband's cousin is going through some problems and so we are stressed as well. Well I digress on to the scale I go. 177lbs. well I did not lose any weight. I am not surprised since I did nothing to lose. This week I hope to begin excercise. I work outside the home (I am a elementary school teacher) so I think I will walk for 20 mins. during my 40 min. lunch time. Maybe after the boys go to bed I can do my pilates video (when single this video helped keep me toned). I hope to do better next week. Please pray for me and my weaknesses.

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happy little momma said...

Hello! I stopped by from Crystal's blog to see your savings post, but this one caught my eye too! Good idea! Maybe I too, should post my weight, and maybe what I eat - LOL. I too could lose at least 20lb...but I have a weakness for sweet stuff...especially chocolate! Keep trying, you'll make it!