Monday, December 10, 2007

Money Making Monday

After reading Crystal's post a while back on CashCrate, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, I haven't had the same luck she did. I have spent a couple of minutes each day doing long surveys and only $9.95 have cleared. I have almost $16 that are pending. I only want to get .05 cents to get my $10 dollars and I will cancel my account.
But on a happier note, out of CashCrate I signed up for InboxDollars and that has been great. All I do is read their e-mails and answer short surveys and I already have a little over $8. This is alot easier for me since I have two little ones and I work outside the home(hopefully not for long, please pray with me :).


Emily said...

I've unfortunately, had the same luck with Cash Crate. I'll check out InboxDollars and see if I can make any money at that. I hope you're able to stop working soon!

Linda said...

My inbox experience has been sort of disappointing. You can not get paid until you have made $30. I finally made it to $30 and requested payment, they took off $3.00 for processing and my check will not be processed until February, 2008. Also, they said that if my account is not active they will not process my check. I thought that was a bit of swindle!