Saturday, November 17, 2007

Super Saturday Savings

This is my first post ever. I have always enjoyed reading other people's blog so I decided to start my own. I am new to all this but I hope that others who read this will enjoy it and be encouraged.

For my first post I would like to share my savings for the week. My husband and I are trying to save as much as possible to buy our home. We could'nt believe how much we were spending each month on groceries. I found Crystal's great site, and from there I was introduced to her other site she has great tips on how to save money on groceries, I highly recommend both sites.

My trip began with CVS on Friday. This is what I got:

2 Garnier products @ 5.99 each =11.98

1Palmolive dish liquid @1.49

1CVS cotton swabs @1.99

Total 17.81(w/tax included)

My coupons:

2/$1 for Garnier products

.40 for Palmolive

$2 off for $10 spent CVS coupon

Total after coupons: 12.33

I used a 10ECB from a previous transaction

OOP $2.33

I got 13ECB back (10ECB for the Garnier products, 2ECB CVS swabs and 1ECB for the Palmolive) and I also got $4 off purchase of $20 or more coupon.

I also got the Hershey's Kisses, they were 2/$5. I used 4ECB and only paid .99 OOP. I received 3ECB for my next trip.

Now on to my other finds. I am very fortunate to have so many grocery stores so close to home so I get to shop all the sales without going out of my way. All the stores form a U shape aroung our home so I took my coupons and my list and began early in the morning( 8am, hubby stayed with our two boys :) )

Food 4 Less(Kroger owned)

Sara Lee Pies 2 @ 1.98 (Sale price other stores had them for 7.99!) $3.96

Cool Whip .98 (sale price)

Kraft dressing $1.68

2lbs. bananas $1.16

there is something else on the receipt for .98, but I can't remember what it was and the picture and receipt aren't helping job my memory.

After sales and coupons I only paid $6.06.


They had Pillsbury Grands Biscuits on sale for $1 and if you bought three they gave you 1 free. I had a .30 coupon. So I got 4 for only $2.70.

Ralph's (Kroger owned, I believe)

10lb bag of potatoes .97!

canned peaches 1.19

Last but not least


2 bags of Tostitos tortilla chips reg. price 3.49 on sale for 1.66

2 boxes of Wheat Thins reg. price 3.59 on sale for 1.66

2 gallons of milk 6.33 (the leas expensive I've seen)

Total before sales & coupons 20.49

Total after 10.55

This week we've only spent $23.60
Our pantry and freezer is full from previous weeks deals so we didn't get much this week. I did manage to keep our total to less than $25 which was my goal since last week we did spend a little more than my alloted $50 a week for groceries and household items. Oh by the way the soda, Apple Jacks, cookies, and napkins were free so I didn't bother to put a price on them.


Crystal Paine said...

Way to go and welcome to the world of blogging!

Lisa said...

vfyzfYou did a great job!

Lisa said...

oops! big typo!!