Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Maxwell Conference Weekend

Like in my Purpose entry I had mentioned that I want to grow in spririt and as a wife and mother. So this weekend I was fortuante enough to attend a conference featuring the Maxwell family of Kansas. I was so blessed and encouraged beyond words by their testimonies and seminars. The seminars were divided by men, ladies, young men and young ladies. I of course attended the ladies' seminar given by Teri Maxwell. If you are not familiar with the Maxwell's I would encourage you to visit their web site at Titus2 .
On Friday night the whole family (minus married son Nathan) delighted us with music and personal testimonies. Then mom and dad spoke of the great blessing homeschooling is.

On Saturday the conference began with a "Managers of their Homes" seminar for moms. Which was great since I struggle with order in my home. The next seminar was given by both Teri and Steve, and to be honest was my favorite. The title, "Keeping our Children's Hearts". I believe that as Christians this is what we struggle with the most. It is not just about raising good kids, but about keeping their hearts turned toward us until marriage. (Malachi 4:6)

I would recommend any one who has a chance to attend this wonderful conference. I purchased many of their books (some as Christmas gifts with money hubby gave me and others at the conference). I will later post a review on the book "Keeping our Children's Hearts: Our Vital Priority", which promises to be a good one.

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