Friday, January 4, 2008

Trinity Household's Budget

I believe we have finally worked out our budget. This will change from time to time, since my husband gets extra jobs around this time because of the rain (he's a roofer and even though he cannot work in the rain he gets lots of jobs afterwards). All his extra money will go into paying off our debt, our savings, and for unexpected emergencies (like this summer when our car was stolen, 2wks later my fil passed away, and 2wks after that our truck was stolen w/ hubby's tools, car seats, stroller, and all our bedding :( God provides and we have been able to replace almost everything (the police found the truck but everything was gone, our insurance covered all the damage, I was so happy that I had full coverage all we paid was the deductible. Now how did I get off topic? Here is a glimpse to our budget.
Tithe 10%
Rent 800
Laundry $20 (we rent so we have to use the coin machines)
Utilities (gas, electrical, residential phone) $105
Cable & DSL $105
Groceries $180
Household products $20
Car payment (I so regret this purchase) $500
Gas for car $100 (it might be higher since prices are going up)
Insurance for 2 autos $178
Car maintenance & Registration $50
Nanny(my mom watches over the boys when my husband has to work) $200
Gifts $25
Debt $500 (this includes small balances on cr. cards, which will be paid off next month, my student loans one of which will be paid in 2 months, and some dental work my husband had done that insurance didn't cover.

So there you have it our budget. If anyone has any tips or suggestions on how to cut down in some areas we would be happy to hear it.

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