Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What is their defense? A Child's Life?!

As I was driving home yesterday I surfed the stations of the radio (rarely do I do this) and I came upon a talk show. They were discussing a pill that was shown to reduce the chances of breast cancer, endometriosis (sp?), and so many other womanly problems. It sounded great but this pill was an abortion pill developed in France. Many Pro Life proponents of the country got them to pull it out of the public. Pro choice people were upset (radio station personalities). Everything they were saying did not make sense but what really got me and made me turn off the radio was the following. I can't quote them but this is close. 'this pill saves the lives of many women who otherwise would die trying to get an illegal abortion and what do the pro life proponents have as a defense? An unborn child's life?! This is a child at 1o weeks, most abortions occurs at about 10-12wks.

Yes, they said that and he chuckled. He then went on to say that many of us promote adoption instead of abortion but that most children stay in orphanages and foster homes.

I know that putting up children up for adoption is not the answer. The answer lays in educating parents on how to go about sex education at home. None of the artificial contraceptives are 100% effective. The only thing that effective is abstinence. We need to teach our children to love life as a gift from God.

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